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In our clients' own words...

I am delighted to provide this recommendation for Jacqui Bushee, with whom my family has worked for over 15 years. Jacqui began working with us when my children were in grade school. Family dinners were extremely important to us, but with my busy schedule working full time, I was not able to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Jacqui’s service allowed us to eat together as a family every weeknight and we all loved the food! Since my boys have gone off to college, we have continued to have Jacqui cook for us and it continues to be a lifesaver for us. She is a wonderful and versatile cook, offering a wide range of amazing options. The food is always superb, with fresh ingredients and an eye to healthy preparation. Jacqui is very knowledgeable about nutrition and keeps this in mind in all of her food preparation. She will also provide special preparation if asked, including low calorie and vegetarian options. She is entirely reliable and so much fun to work with. I cannot say enough in her praise and would be happy to speak with anyone who might wish further details.


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